12″ Gold Pan 5 Piece Kit (Green)




You will receive 1 Gold pan, 1 Snuffer Bottle & 1 Gold Vial, Plus, you will receive a Magnifier & Bubble snuffer. The Gold pans are made of plastic and measure 12″ across with deep riffles on one side and small riffles on the other side to make a perfect combination pan. Also has a hole in the edge of the pan to hang it or tie it to your belt or backpack for travel. The bottle is 5″ tall with the travel cap on it. This is a great Sniffer bottle with a seal between the cap and bottle that the suction tube goes thru to insure the best suction possible. Please look down at the photo that shows all the parts to these bottles. I think you will be impressed. Plus, you will receive a Magnifier (Style may vary) & Bubble snuffer.


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