18-VAN Rainbird Variable Arc Adjustable Sprinkler Nozzle 15′-18′ Radius – 10 Pack





The Rainbird 18VAN variable arc adjustable sprinkler 10 pack is perfect for all standard and irregularly shaped turf and shrub areas where 10 nozzles come in handy. These nozzles are adjustable from 15 to 18 feet and fits all Rainbird spray heads and shrub adapters. These arc nozzles feature UV resistant plastic and a stainless steel adjustment screw to increase the lifespan of this product. Selecting the correct nozzle is one of the most crucial, yet overlooked, elements in irrigation system design. Choosing the correct nozzle, whether it’s for a spray head or a rotor, is easy if you take the time to study the nozzle charts in a manufacturer’s product or online catalog and select one that best suits your needs; irrigation equipment manufacturers have put a tremendous amount of effort into developing nozzles to fit almost every application: For slopes and compacted soils, select a nozzle with a lower precipitation rate. For windy areas, select a nozzle with a low nozzle outlet trajectory. To achieve even water distribution without having to separate partcircle from fullcircle sprinklers, select a nozzle set that features a matched precipitation rate. Another way to ensure uniform watering, if you’re working with spray heads, is to select nozzles that have an undercut nozzle. These nozzles have an second, undercut orifice for watering closer to the head. For flexibility with spray heads, select a nozzle with an adjustable or variable arc. Because nozzles are designed to work within a wide range of pressures, it is important to ensure you have the correct pressure at the base of the nozzle.Too much pressure, as is commonly the situation with spray heads, will result in misting. Misting creates a reduction in the radius of throw and you may experience uneven coverage, and cause wet and dry spots. To correct this, several manufacturers offer devices that can be installed at the nozzle or are integrated in the sprinkler, such as the Rainbird PRS Series.


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