Akamuti Rice Bran Beauty Oil 100ml


A beauty treatment and skincare routine all in one bottle! Gentle and softening rice bran oil is ideal for both cleansing and moisturising

Central to Japanese skincare, rice bran oil is traditionally used to cleanse and purify the skin

Rich in anti-oxidants, it is easily absorbed by the skin and very pleasant to use, encouraging skin renewal and healthy skin tone

A soothing, all natural make up remover, gentle enough for the delicate skin around the eyes

100% natural with no added nasties, part of cruelty free facecare range from Akamuti



Rice bran beauty oil is traditionally used to cleanse and purify the skin.  Central to Japanese skincare routines, rice bran oil has been revered as a complexion enhancer and a beauty treatment for centuries.  Rich in anti-oxidants, it is easily absorbed by the skin and very pleasant to use, encouraging skin renewal and healthy skin tone.  Light and gentle enough for around the eyes, rice bran oil will not only aid gentle removal of eye make-up – it will also help to moisturise and soothe such delicate skin. Gentle and softening, rice bran oil is a velvety oil and is ideal for facial cleansing and moisturising. It is often used for both. Use a little rice bran oil to remove make-up from the face. (Take care not to get oil in the eyes) We recommend using the hot cloth cleansing method. Once your skin is fully cleansed, apply some more rice bran oil as a nourishing moisturiser. Rice bran beauty oil is a skincare routine all in one bottle! 100ml packaged in a recyclable PET bottle Suitable for vegans 100% natural ingredients Never tested on animals and cruelty free At Akamuti we are inspired by nature! We’re dedicated to designing and creating 100% natural, award winning skincare and beauty products for healthy, happy skin for the whole family. We are passionate about people and the planet and are dedicated to using all natural, botanical ingredients in every one of our products. Our ingredient lists are short and sweet, providing optimum goodness and nourishment to keep sensitive skin soft and glowing, naturally!  Ingredients: Rice Bran Oil (Oryza sativa)


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