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About this item

Applied as ink transfers with the help of water, quick and easy to apply.

Inexpensive ways for people to express their personality with the appearance of real tattoos.

Printed with high quality material, it’s durable and changeable.

Waterproof, safe and non-toxic.

Size: 105x60mm;



Instructions: 1. Shave the skin area where you will affix the tattoo if you have excess hair covering this skin. A nominal amount of hair should not affect the tattoo, but a man’s hairy arm, for example, may not be a suitable surface for a tattoo. Remove only the hair that may interfere with the tattoo.2. Wash the skin area where you will affix the tattoo with the hand soap. (If you just shaved this area, omit this step.) Dry the skin thoroughly. Do not proceed with affixing the tattoo until the skin is completely dry.3. Peel away the clear layer of plastic that covers the tattoo and discard this.4. Saturate the washcloth with water and wring it out.5. Place the tattoo onto your skin in the desired position. Make sure it is straight and facing the way you desire before you proceed.6. Hold the tattoo in place and lay the wet washcloth over the tattoo. Make sure you cover the entire tattoo with the washcloth to saturate the paper backing of the tattoo sticker.7. Leave the washcloth over the tattoo for at least 40 seconds.8. Remove the washcloth and peek under one corner of the tattoo to see if the tattoo is on your skin or if it is still on the paper. If you see the tattoo completely on your skin, carefully lift the paper from your skin. If you see the tattoo still on the paper, press it back down and cover it back up with the washcloth for another 30 seconds.9. Remove the tattoo backing when the tattoo is on your skin completely. Allow the tattoo to dry for approximately 10 minutes before you touch it.Removal Process: 1. Moisten the temporary color with baby oil.2. Wipe the color off the area with rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball.3. Rinse your skin with warm water.4. Pat dry with a washcloth.5. Repeat steps 1 through 3 if the tattoo is tenacious.6. Apply moisturizer if the skin feels slightly dry.


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