Brown Hair Dye


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Enough for 2+ applications on normal medium length hair, 200g + 200g

Permanent 100% herbal hair colour, suitable for all hair colours, including 100% grey

Renaissance pure henna will give you all of these hair colours : Brown Hair Colour, Black Hair Colour, Auburn Hair Colour, Chestnut Red, Chestnut Brown, Chocolate Brown ! (and shades in between); the end result colour, like a fingerprint, will be totally unique to YOU

Suitable for hair colouring on all hair types including chemically dyed hair, bleached hair, dreadlocks, caribbean hair, and 100% grey hair ! PLEASE NOTE: PRODUCT INFORMATION & HOW TO USE INSTRUCTIONS ARE IN ENGLISH ONLY

NO PPD !! NO Metallic Salts !! Absolutely pure chemical free henna & indigo



Product Description

Grays will turn orange red with henna. Other hair colours will deepen in colour and will take on mild reddish undertones. If you’ve used indigo before, you will already know you should not use it alone on grey hair or light colour hair (blondes), bleached or permed hair. Indigo will deepen your henna colour and push it to brown or black, depending how long you leave it in for. If you have never used indigo before, please consider starting with the Renaissance Henna Hair Colour Kit which comes with fuller instructions and information for your first time application.


100% lawsonia inermis 100% indigofera tinctoria


Mix with water into paste

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