CARROT OIL DIADERMA darker skin 30ml


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Carrot oil with provitamin A – prevents wrinkles.

Thanks to the light, natural tinting, the skin is radiant and fresh. Also suitable for intensive care of neck and décolleté.



Provides a fresh complexion, prevents wrinkles.Product Features:Nourishes dry, stressed skin with your precious vegetable oils smooth and supple.Wrinkles are softened and regeneration prevented. Thanks to the light, natural tone the skin appears glowing and fresh.Directions for use:Apply to clean, even in the damp skin sparingly in the morning. Also ideal as a intensive care your neck and Décoll Eteé.Ölauszüge made from arnica, witch hazel chamomile lemon Swamp Porst and sage:Calming and adstringierend – for an even complexion.Olive Oil, Almond, cereals germination and avocado oil:Look a restoring the skin’s Lipidversorgnung.Compatibility Clinically confirmed.Source: Measurements of the boxStand: 06/2017


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