Clynol Care Enrich Color Shampoo 300ml


About this item

Unique liquid jewel extract

Dazzling diamond shine

Helps lock colour into hair for retained vibrancy

Protecting the hair structure against damaging UV rays




Product Description

Style without colour would make our world deeply dull indeed, so it makes sense to preserve this precious relationship at all costs. Your clients love a list colour and so they’ll want to know about the liquid jewel extract that boosts shine for a serious red-carpet dazzle that lasts and lasts. The UV filters never fail in their sterling work to bounce back the sun’s harsh glare and protect rich tones from fading. It is not just the colour that gets protection. The delicate structure of each and every strand gets an easy ride even after 30 washes, thanks to gentle, powerfully strengthening keratin.

Box Contains

1 x Clynol Care Enrich Color Shampoo 300 ml


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