Clynol Care Recovery Repair Conditioner 1500ml


About this item

Protects the hair surface gives strength and shine

Intensive 3-dimensional care and repair system

De-tangling shine formula

Ultra-hydration complex

Suitable for daily use



Product Description

Designed to be even more effective after washing with repair shampoo, our 3-dimensional nourishing conditioner is a care and repair megastar – loaded with the kind of superfood ingredients that every moisture-starved strand is craving. Cuticles, fibres and the basic structure of your client’s hair is supported while moisture, elasticity, shine and strength are fed in through the surface of the hair and sealed in. From there, troublesome tangles simply fall away and gleaming good health just shines out.


Pro.Repair.Complex with amino acid and modified wheat protein.Panthenol.Hydrolysed vegetable protein.


Massage into towel-dried hair, leave for 2 minutes and rinse well.

Box Contains

1 x Clynol Care Recovery Repair Conditioner 1500 ml

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