Cresty Eyebrow Stencil Kit Irid Brown


About this item

Eyebrow stencil kit from Make-up artists favourites Cresty

Create Perfect Eyebrows in 60 seconds, swimproof, sweatproof and waterproof.

2 Year Supply

3 stencils: Thick, nautral and thin

Quick and easy to apply, results in a natural and softer look



Product Description

Cresty eyebrow stencil kit has been tried, tested and refined over 12 years giving you the best chance to get perfect eyebrows in as little as 60 seconds, the kit contains 3 stencils, powder and a brush for application. It is sweatproof, swimproof and smudgeproof so it doesnt matter what the day may throw at you your eyebrows will always look perfect, included are also a full set of instructions. The kit enables you to create beautiful natural eyebrows that match perfectly whether you want to create high definition, cover any grey and give you a natural lift.


Remove exisiting eyebrow make-up. Ensure skin is dry. Place stencil over the eyebrow. Lightly dab brush in powder. Apply lightly or twice for a defined look, Allow 5 minutes for the powder to dry.

Box Contains

1 x Pressed power3 x stencils1xbrush

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