Duschdas Golden Cashmere Men’s Roll-On Deodorant Pack of 6 x 50 ml


About this item

Golden Cashmere deodorant with a rich, pampering scent

Effective deodorant protection

No alcohol

Gentle on underarm skin, even after shaving

With a rich, pampering scent



Duschdas golden cashmere roll-on for the precious moments in life. Duschdas golden cashmere gently caresses the skin and seduces you with an indulgent fragrance.The high-quality fragrance guide you through the whole day. Duschdas golden cashmere is your reliable companion through the day. With the 48 hours active-active formula, it offers reliable protection against perspiration. Duschdas golden cashmere contains no alcohol and is also after shaving gentle to the skin. Dermatological compatibility Duschdas golden cashmere deodorant spray is dermatologically approved. Safety for every moment.


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