Fige Noire refill 500 ml Esteban


About this item

Make the right choice with this XXL Black Fig Refill that will revive the scent of your favorite scented bouquets.



Its generous format allows you to enjoy 2 to 6 months of diffusion, depending on the container and the conditions of use (temperature, humidity level). Pour into the vase part of the refill and place the fragrance sticks inside (vegetable stems). For a good fragrance scent use the Esteban products provided for this purpose and change the scent sticks regularly. A fruity woody fragrance: Top notes: black fig and violet leaves. Heart notes: fig wood, sandalwood. Base notes: Labdanum, musky accord Product features: Volume: 500 ml. Scent: Black Fig Recyclable Bottle Phthalate-free Denatured Alcohol


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