Gay Pride Tattoo – CSD Tattoo – Rainbow Tattoo Flag (5)


About this item

5 Rainbow Tattoo Set – temporary tattoo

1 x 5 tattoos

Tattoos are water and soap laid

Party Set for events, party, CSD

Fast & daily shipping, about 3-4 days in the EU



5 Tattoos with motive of a rainbow. Tattoo size approx 3.0 x 4.4 cm Including German instructions back The Tattoos last up to several days and are also water and soap firmly. The application is easy. 1. Remove the protective film. 2. The tattoo stick to dry and fat-free skin. 3. Moisten the back with a damp cloth completely. 4. Remove After about 10-30 seconds the backing paper. 5. Finish the Fan Tattoo. easily rub to remove with baby oil and then rub off with a cloth.


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