HatchRite Reptile Incubation Medium – 2lbs


Breeder designed, tested and approved

No mixing. Pour and use

Less Maintenance



HatchRite is the reptile incubation medium preferred by hobbyists, professional breeders, schools, zoos, pet shops, and researchers worldwide. This special product was devised by a dedicated reptile enthusiast with over 30 years experience in successfully incubating the eggs of lizards, snakes, turtles, and tortoises. Special formulation is superior to all other commercial incubation media for reptiles in that it maintains optimal humidity and moisture conditions for significantly longer periods with much less maintenance. HatchRite is pre-mixed with water and immediately ready for use, which takes the frustration and guesswork out of preparing water-to-medium ratios used with other incubation media. Importantly, HatchRite is dust-free, non-toxic, and safe to use with children and family pets.


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