Herbolive Body Cream, Olive Oil and Aloe Vera 150 ml


About this item

These rich and indulgent body creams instantly hydrate and preserve skins natural moisture level.

While providing intense moisture.

Restore, plump and smooth your skin preventing exfoliation while its natural active ingredients revitalize.

Calm and maintain the skin elastic and youthful.

150ml tube



Product Description

Body cream. Contains Argan oil, organic olive oil, sunflower oil, glycerine, ingredients rich in vitamins, known for their hydrating, antiaging, soothing properties, offer nourishment and hydration for the skin, rejuvenate and offer shine, wellness and freshness.Note: Date mentioned on the item is Manufactured date and not the Expiry date

Box Contains

1 x Herbolive Body Cream Olive oil & Aloe Vera 150ml


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