Hogue Sig P226/P228 Grip Screws (Per 4) Slot, Black – 26008


About this item

Fits: Sig Sauer P226/P228

Color: Black. The screws from Hogue are for the newer (Post Mid 1990’s) Sig P226 firearm.

Quantity: 4 Slotted Screws




Hogue grip screws have been redesigned and improved and are now Hogue extreme grip screws. Hogue extreme grip screws are made from heat treated 416 stainless steel which is much tougher and resistant to damage than conventional screws. Most standard screws including our former quality screws twist off or strip out at a much lower torque than the new extreme screws. Make no mistake, the extreme grip screws are the finest most durable grip screws available.


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