Hounenkihan Japanese Weeding Sickle Very Sharp Edge, Thick Blade, Quick Work


A VERY SHARP : This top-quality Japanese Sickle is made by hand one by one by a manufacturer specializing in gardening born in Japan. Gardening Axes, Weeding Sickle, Knives.

BEING PARTICULAR ABOUT QUALITY : Uses stainless molybdenum steel. Achieves lightweight and sharpness gardening tools,hand tools.

LONG LASTING : Can be used for many years by polishing. Maintain very sharp sharpness.

BLADE LENGTH : 120mm / Handle Length : 260mm

MADE IN JAPAN : Miki City, Hyogo Prefecture, famous for its cutlery.

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This item is japanese sickle made of quality sharp steel with comfortable wooden handle. Perfect to digging,weeding tight spaces or new growth, making sow trenches, breaking up sod and several other garden activities. The lightweight and easy to handle, it adapts to different gardening tasks. It is suitable for professional but also amateur gardeners.This top-quality Japanese Sickle is product of the maker Hounen Kouzansaku store.


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