I Love You Dad – Engraved in a Heavy Little Rock


SOLID cast in stone. NOT plastic or resin.

SUPER STRONG cement base paste paint for engraved portion. It will last!

OUTDOORS / Great for the home or office too.


SIZE – 8″ long 6″ deep and 1″ thick. It weighs 2.9 LB.



Each of these 2.9 LB. rocks measures 8″ long, 6″ deep and 1″ thick and arrives in its own sturdy gift box with crinkle paper. These stones are cast with a “super concrete” and will last outdoors. The engraved portions of the rocks are colored by mixing dry pigments, a cement type material and an acrylic co polymer hardener. This stuff is durable enough to withstand the harshest of weather and will not peel off or fade like paint tends to do in time. Finally, the rocks are sealed with a thick layer of acrylic sealer which gives the rock a semi gloss appearance.


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