Inertia Wood Splitter – Cast Iron Manual Log Splitter – No Sharp Edges – No More Axes! Safest Way to Cut Firewood


✅ SAFELY SPLIT FIREWOOD: Thousands Injure Themselves Each Year, By Using Axe to Split Wood Logs. Our Firewood Splitter Has No Sharp Edges, So You Can Chop Kindlings and Firewood in Complete Safety.

✅ USE IT WITH ONE HAND: Simply Place the Log In Our Splitter / Cracker. The Metal Rail Holds the Wood in Place. Then Hit Down on the Wood With a Hammer.

✅ PORTABLE: Weighs Only 10 LB’s. Take It to The Bonfire, Camping Trip, or Just Use it In Your Backyard! No Need to Bring an Axe! Even a Child Can Use It!

✅ SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If You’re in Anyway not 100% SATISFIED. We’ll Be Happy to Send You a Refund. No Questions Asked.



Each year, thousands of injuries occur from accidents while splitting firewood. Amputated fingers, injured legs and foot are common place. Save yourself a trip to the ER, and lots of pain with our Kindling and Firewood Splitter. Safely cut your Firewood Logs, without any axes, knives or sharp edges at all! Simply place the wood on the center of our wood splitter, then hit down on it with a small hammer. Our cast iron built log splitter will easily split any pieces of wood. Perfect for Fireplace logs, Camping firewood, Bonfires, and even Meat Smoking woods. Product Features: – Industrial Coated Cast Iron. Great for Indoor or Outdoor use. – Opening for Wood Logs up to 6.5 inch in diameter – Weighs 10 LB’s, Safe and easily transportable for camping trips. – Mounting Holes, to permanently mount anywhere. What are you waiting for, Add Our Firewood Cutter to Cart Now!


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