Kat Rudu Coco Honey Papaya Enzymes Cleanser


Honey, rich in antibacterial properties, combats acne and minimizes pores

Papaya enzymes exfoliate and fight free radical damage

Organic Rosemary extract, a renowned herb, stimulates and clarifies

Aloe Vera, one of the oldest known medicinal plants rich in salicylic acid, eases inflammation

Organic Gotu Kola, a plant native to India, heals wounds



An allover cleanser for eyes, lips and face that looks and feels like creamy honey. Blended from regenerative Wild Geranium, pure Aloe Vera gel and antibacterial Honey, this silky gel purifies, tones and deeply hydrates the skin to reveal a super clean complexion that is not stripped or irritated. Imbued with organic Rosemary and Gotu Kola for their abilities to stimulate, clarify and heal. Excellent for acne prone skin; gentle enough to remove eye makeup.


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