Keiki Power Pro Orchid Plant Cloning Paste


Keiki Power Pro has been used for years on orchids of many types as well as non-orchid plants such as succulents, carnivorous plants (such as Nepenthes) and many others.

10 gram size good for dozens of applications. Easy to apply

Works on many orchid types

Not harmful to plants, pets, or people

Based on decades of plant scientific research



Keiki Power Pro stimulates orchids (and many other plants!) to produce new shoots — also called “keikis” from the Hawaiian word for “baby”. These keikis are genetically identical to the mother plant, which means that you can clone your prized orchid plants to give as a gift, sell to another orchid junkie, or simply make a “backup” copy in case an infection or your cat kills the original. Plants usually “know” when it’s time to make a new keiki, typically after a bloom is finished. But many plants are simply lazy, stubborn, or too old (just like humans) and need a swift kick in the pseudobulb to get them going. Keiki Power Pro gives them that swift kick. It is a jolt of plant hormone that gets them out of their lazy rut and forces them to DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE!


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