L’Biotica Biovax Intensive Regenerating Hair Mask Keratin Silk 250ml




L’Biotica Biovax Intensive Regenerating Hair Mask Keratin Silk 250ml Intensive Repair Mask developed by experts in order to ensure a thorough renewal of your hair both on the surface and in the deep layers. A unique feature of the mask BIOVAX is a waxy texture and rich in nutrients recipe . Natural ingredients ( extracts , oils and proteins ) and no irritants provide an in-depth reclamation and protect the hair. BIOVAX is a guarantee of professional care ! High quality and effectiveness of the mask is confirmed by the World Champion of Artistic Hairdressing . BIOVAX is a guarantee of healthy hair, mask BIOVAX includes:Pro2Kéra Silk – active set of natural proteins.Silk Amino Acids (300 Da) penetrate into the hair fiber, filling the structural defects in the cortical layers. Bind water, capturing the effect of deep hydration.Silk proteins ( 50,000 Da) was formed on the surface of the biofilm fine hair that keeps moisture inside and protects against aggressive environmental factors .Keratin ( 28,000 Da) replenishes natural nutrients cuticle, sealing the damaged area.Henna extract facilitates the penetration of active ingredients to the hair and its roots. Biovax is a guarantee for PROFESSIONAL CARE EFFECT! L’biotica products are created under the eye of specialists, in care for their highest quality. Tested on the best. All the products from Biovax line were rewarded with the positive opinion of World Artistic HairCut Master. The effects on hair: intensive moisturizing and regeneration of hair endings, intensive and shiny colour, soft and velvet hair, no split endings. Package includes: 1x250ml jar hair mask, 1×1.5ml hair serum A+E, 1xtermocap.


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