LEE PRECISION 90258 Classic Loader.357 Magnum


Cartridge: .357 Magnum

Material: steel loader parts and plastic powder dipper

Complete instructions

Includes everything needed to reload 357 Mag

Please note: the Classic Lee Loader neck sizes only

This is not recommended for semi, pump and lever action guns



The Lee classic reloader is the perfect kit for someone who would like to start reloading one caliber without breaking the bank. Contains everything you need to begin loading (except a hammer). kit includes sizing die, decapping chamber, bullet seater and priming chamber, priming rod, powder measure, load data, plastic case and complete instructions. Package includes: – bullet seater and priming chamber – decapping chamber – sizing die – decapper – priming rod – powder measure – load data – complete instructions specifications: – cartridge: .357 Magnum – material: steel loader parts and plastic powder Dipper.


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