LEE PRECISION Lee Preciesion 90949, Magnum Melter Furnace, 110V


Package length: 17.018 cm

Package width: 21.59 cm

Package height: 23.622 cm




The Lee Magnum melter furnace was designed especially for the Ladle Caster. It features all of the great features of the Pro 20 including a large 4″ diameter pot that hold approximately 20 pounds of lead and a 700-watt tubular heating element. This furnace does not have bottom pour capability and is designed for Ladle casting only. Specifications:- capacity: 20 lb capacity – voltage: 110 volt – pot diameter: 4″ diameter – wattage: 700 watts – Melt time: approx. 20 minutes – function: designed for melting and blending lead alloys for bullet casting – notes: no pour spout, designed for Ladle casting only


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