Replacement Robotic Pool Cleaner Filter Cartridges – 2 Piece RCX70101PAK2


Clean the filter cartridge after each use:Place the TigerShark on its side. Release the bottom lid latches and remove the bottom lid assembly.Pull out the filter cartridge. Your cartridge is a three piece filter assembly that you may or may not remove the elements (Part# RCX70102) for thorough cleaning. Using a garden hose with a spray nozzle, pressure-wash the filter elements to remove debris. Hold the filter elements as shown to allow the

Replace the filter cartridge into the TigerShark

Install bottom lid and slide latches into lock position.

Filter cleaning solution can be used to remove D.E., excessive dirt and/or sand.

Remember: The cleaner your filter is, the more efficient your unit will perform.



Set of two (2) replacement cartridges for Hayward Pool Products Tigershark automatic cleaner. Robotic cleaner. Tigershark, Sharkvac, AquaVac. RCX70101PAK2


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