The Woodhaven 4 Foot Firewood Log Rack with Cover


About this item

Family owned since 1927

Lifetime Warranty on Firewood Rack

Proudly made in the U.S.A.

Arc welded end sections, try finding another rack this strong!

Black, baked on powder coat finish, the best finish and environmentally friendly.



Measuring at 48″ by 48″ by 14″ 1/4 Cord, this Woodhaven is the right size for everyone! Larger users, keep this smaller rack closer to the house to have a supply of firewood close by, leaving the rest of the wood neatly in one of our larger Woodhavens further from the house. Like all of our racks it has a black, powder-coated finish, arc-welded end sections, Stainless steel nuts and bolts with our lifetime structural warranty, and includes the cover! Our own unique design covers the firewood the way it needs to be covered keeping the top dry and ready to burn. This allows for air to flow through the firewood and promotes curing! All of our covers fit around the four uprights of the rack and moves down as the wood stack decreases. The heavy duty Woodhaven Standard Seasoning Cover is made out of top-quality water repellant, UV Stable, polyester/pvc blended material. Velcro front sides for quick access to your firewood. Fits wood up to 24″ long.


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