Valent USA Orthene PCO Pellets


1 box = 10* (1.40 oz packets)

Active ingredient: Acephate 97.4%

Not for Sale to: ND, CT, NY

APPLICATION: 1 packet = 1% Concentrate per 1.4 gallons of water

USE: Industrial, Institutional, and Commercial Buildings including Restaurants,Warehouses, Stores, Hospitals, Hotels, Manufacturing Plants and Ships



EPA Registration: 5481-8973 Orthene PCO is one of the most popular and effective ways to control a wide variety of bothersome home and pantry pests, including ants, firebrats, crickets, pillbugs, earwigs, and cockroaches. Orthene PCO was uniquely designed to target and exert control over even the most stubborn household pests that tend to be resistant to other products, like the German Cockroach (which ranks among the most pesticide-resistant pest next to the housefly). Research continues to demonstrate that the active ingredient in Orthene PCO—acephate—remains one of few insecticides to which the German cockroach and other insecticide-resistant pests remain vulnerable. The unique 97 percent formulation of Orthene PCO Pellets means that you deal with less residue dust and lower odor. This product comes in the form of small pellets which dissolve easily water for use as a crack and crevice spray or for perimeter and spot treatments. Orthene PCO can be used on a variety of surfaces with stain or film, including stainless steel, tile, glass and porcelain. This product should not be used on carpet or upholstery.


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