ZEALLIFE 6V 1w Solar Panel to Recharge Deer Feeder Battery Waterproof Outdoor Solar Charger with Mounting Bracket (6v Deer Feeder Solar Panel 1W)


【6V Solar Battery Charger】: This solar panel converts sunlight into electrical energy as 6 Volt rechargeable battery solar charger. It is energy saving, environmental friendly and pollution-free.

【Tough Polycarbonate Casing】: Using the transparent polycarbonate material, this solar charger is very tough and anti-fall.Meanwhile, transparent material has high transmittance and achieves better charging effect.

【Aluminum Mounting Bracket】: The black anodized aluminum mounting bracket with hardware features rust protection and corrosion resistance. With 45 degrees orientate angel, this solar panel charger can absorb the sunlight well. With the alligator style battery clips, it can make temporary power.

【Protective Stainless Steel Flex-conduit】: The wires of the solar battery charger controller go through the steel flex-conduit and it is not easy to be broken.

【Easy to install】: This portable solar panel charger is waterproof, windproof, rain-proof, anti-fall, anti-rust and corrosive resistant. It is easy and simple to install with fixing the screws.



1 WATT 6 VOLT SOLAR PANEL CHARGER WITH ALLIGATOR CLIPS. GREAT FOR OUTDOOR BATTERIES, CAMPING, DEER FEEDERS, AND MANY OTHER APPLICATIONS. Designed: Equipped with aluminum mounting bracket, this solar panel for battery can be fixed in outdoors to absorb sunlight well. The transparent polycarbonate material of this solar panel battery regulator is tough enough to prevent from bump and fall. Mono-crystalline solar cells contribute to efficient charging for the device. Stainless steel flex-conduit makes good protection of the inner wires. Alligator clips enable the solar charger to offer temporary power. This solar battery charger are suitable for game feeders. Specification of this Solar Panel: Voltage : 6-Volt Power rating: approximate 1W Voc: 9V Isc: 110mA, constant trickle charge is an ideal choice for remote areas. Panel size: 5.5 *6.3 inch Cable length: 10 inchPackage Includes: 1* 6-Volt Solar Battery Charger 1*User ManualProperty of the solar panel battery charger: Waterproof, windproof, rain-proof, anti-fall, antirust and corrosive resistant. Easy and simple to install for you with the included screws. Warranty: We offer a free replacement service for the first 12 month after purchase. Any questions please feel free to contact us!


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