Zodiac Mx Flow Regulator for Baracuda Suction Pool Vacuums




The Zodiac MX Flow Regulator is an energy efficient attachment, regulating system for your automatic pool cleaners. It is fashioned for Zodiac Baracuda Cleaners, the two most popular suction cleaners are the Zodiac MX8 and his little brother the Zodiac MX6. The flow regulator,frv100b, automatically adjusts the pressure to your cleaner, allowing the cleaner to operate at the perfect speed and pressure. For certain cleaners like the Hayward, Zodiac, and Polaris, these need pressure adjustments when installed. This attachment is consumer friendly in that aspect making it very easy for consumers to adjust the pressure without having to making any adjustments. Just three easy steps with this regulator, purchase it, open it, install it. Help yourself by extending the longevity of your pool vacuum.


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